The company is currently heavily involved in research activities that support reaching its targets and help it advance its developments. Within the framework of research projects, new collaborations are sought with other companies in the realm, as well as large research centers and academia.

Micro2Gen has successfully completed its participation as instrumentation development leader in CD-MEDICS, a Research Project co-funded by the European Commission’s Framework Program 7 in the ICT thematic area, having the role of the instrumentation partner and developing a system for coeliac disease diagnosis (both genetic and serology testing).

In addition Micro2Gen also successfully completed the “Phase-2 Program for the reinforcement of Hellenic Technology Clusters in Microelectronics” with a project to extend its microfluidics systems development capabilities, as well as a large collaborative project, namely Corallia – LoC, in the area of Lab-On-a-Chip solutions.

Micro2Gen is currently in the last stage of a milestone development project for the company's know-how in the framework of the NSRF program "Creation - support of new innovative businesses, mainly highly knowledge intensive ones (Spin-off and Spin-out)" entitled Microfluidic Microsystems for Molecular Diagnostics"

Patents and Technologies

multichannel potentiostat: deploys a novel multiplexing mechanism, which allows it to provide multiple readings (e.g. for arrays of biosensors) in real-time only at a fraction of the costs necessary for conventional potentiostats.

optical fluidics control: a flexible solution that uses low-cost camera(s) to monitor the fluidic propagation in a microsystem and link it to control mechanisms, analyzing various parameters, such as position, velocity, bubble formation, difference in texture and/or reflectivity of the fluids etc. The system may be used for the real-time control of virtually any transparent microfluidic microsystem operating with distinct wavefronts (two-phase fluidics).


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• specialized in instrumentation components and software solutions
• products for the molecular diagnostics market and particularly for genetic tests


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