Instrumentation Solution

The All-in-oneTM biochips that will be developed by the company will be operated by a portal low-cost instrument, i.e. a point-of-care system that is under development (see next figure for the current prototype presented on Biotechnica 2010 in Hannover).

This device can be used even in the office of a healthcare professional, making DNA and molecular tests quick and easy. The biochips of Micro2Gen will be operated by this instrument, which will implement the conversion of the signal (signal transduction), handling and control of biochips, interpretation, analysis and presentation of diagnostic results. The analysis can be done with a small amount of sample (eg blood, sputum) with very high accuracy and in a short time.

The portable device will also be accompanied by specialized software that will be customizable targeting various different end-users. The doctor or diagnostic laboratory personnel without special technical expertise can be through a friendly interface to perform predefined tests to detect specific mutations. The biologist (using the generic Toolbox version) will be able to design new tests, while the researcher / biochip manufacturer will be able to design a new biochip for the device and to evaluate its efficiency before being placed in mass production.


• specialized in instrumentation components and software solutions
• products for the molecular diagnostics market and particularly for genetic tests


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